April Update

Spring has Sprung!

We are moving forward with the latest routine, our new payment options and we just re-launched our website with an updated look. Please check it out. I want to thank all of you for your patience through the transition as we put these significant changes into place.  I really appreciate the understanding and supportive words during the process. I am also forever grateful to the teachers Amy, Carmel and Liv for working with me as we made these changes and for their undeniably excellent teaching; and to Heather, for juggling every single thing that gets thrown at her and learning  all about the studio and its operations at the same time. Now we are moving forward in the next gear!

The latest routine  continues to challenge and I see progress being made by all. As I observe our clients, and in my own work, I notice that sometimes the mindfulness aspect of Pilates work manifests into a cerebral workout which can lead to a lack of  trust in our individual physical capabilities. Yes, Pilates (and especially JL versions) requires thoughtfulness and attention to what is going on in the body, working the core, (and counting to 10!); however, balance needs to be maintained between mind and body.

Where is your physical core? The word core is thrown around so much in the fitness world  and I’m often amazed at what people think their core is. I would like to share my understanding and personal work of what working one’s physical  core means to me. Many of you who work with me regularly hear me direct you to “assemble”. I love this word and I believe it gets right to the point. To assemble the core is to engage the back (Rhomboids with scapula down), the abdominal wall and the inner thighs (adductors);  and bringing these three areas to a central point of energy  and control.  Simplify and Assemble!

The teachers and myself really enjoy our time with each of you. It gives me personal joy and a pride to see the friendships that have been built among clients; the care, support and friendship that teachers and clients share; and as I embark on doing a little redecorating (nothing too drastic) I take a deep breath, smile and take another step forward.

Let your loved ones  know that you love them. Cherish.

My very best to you all.

~ Carol